Portugal, Algarve

Surfen, Sonnen, Baden, Entspannen, Schlemmen und ganz viel lachen, das ist für mich die Algarve. Der nächtliche Sternenhimmel gehört da genauso zu, wie die flirrende Hitze am Tag. In der Algarve muss man nichts...  ausser vielleicht motorisiert sein, denn die  schönsten Strände Europas kann man leider nicht zu Fuß abklappern. 


Morocco, Berber life

In Marrakech pulsieren und im Atlas entspannen.


Bali, Hanging With Gods

Visiting Bali was an intuitive decision. It was a very stressy time in my life and I wanted to go somewhere on my own, to get my shit together again. Pretty much immediately Bali popped up in my head. I wanted to be surrounded by beautiful nature, kind people and a glimpse of paradise. Although I knew that its crowded and filled with many tourists, I decided booking the flights anyway, knowing about the secret not so crowded, still authentic places.


Komodo Islands, Underwater Wonder


... more

Surfing in Apulia

Living in Apulia has many perks. And lets leave the local food, the beautiful, pastelcoloured scenery and the amazing weather aside. Apulia is perfect for outdoorsports. Rocky landscapes and coasts, mountains and forests, sandy or rocky beaches on two different seas. This region allows you to follow every sport your heart desires. ...


Tuscany, Italy

Having a Roadtrip through Tuscany has always been a dream of mine. Now that I live in Italy, I needed to make this dream come true. Next I know is that we took the car and started driving.       No plans, no organization. You feel that u have arrived in this beautiful region, when you see the hills and the green highlights of  pines and cypress are shaping the landscape. A beautiful roadtrip-scenery...


Camino de Santiago, Spain

5:00 am - The first alarm rings. Did I really put my alarm on 5 am?   I hear someone crawling out of his sleepingbag, trying to move quietly. Unfortunately unsuccessfully. I close my eyes and roll on the other side.

5:30 am - Another alarm. Someone likes to stand up to the sound of Don't stop me now by Queen... I laugh and close my eyes again.

But there is no chance to sleep anymore. Slowly one after another is packing their stuff into the backpacks and hitting the road.

I am awake, but I cant stand up. I have to ask myself a question, that defines who I will be for the rest of the Camino...


Baltic Sea, Poland

It is true, Poland has his own beautiful seaside. White sand in contrast with rough sea and green forests.

My sister conviced me this summer to discover a bit more from our Birthcountry and spend 10 days at the Baltic Sea.

Our apartment was located 20 m from the beach. I could actually fall out from bed and land directly on the beach.

After a typical breakfast with loads of meat and potatoesalads in our Hotelsaloon, we took the morning to get some sun, play beachvolleyball, take a swim or read a book....more

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