Polands Baltic Sea

It is true indeed, Poland has his own beautiful seaside. White sand in contrast with rough sea and green forests.

My sister conviced me this summer to discover a new place from our birthcountry and spend 10 days at the Baltic Sea.

Our apartment was located 20 m from the beach. I could actually fall out from bed and land directly on the beach.

After a typical breakfast with loads of meat and potatoesalads in our hotelsaloon, we took the morning to get some sun, play beachvolleyball, take a swim or read a book. Pure relaxation.

Apart from the people's obsession with windprotections in all available colours and forms, the beach is on the same level of beauty as all the southern beaches... if you catch the right weather of course. I consider myself incredibly lucky, having all ten days almost 30 degrees and sunshine.

Apart from the relaxation, we would always eat in the mornings, at lunchtime and for dinner rich and fatty.

What can I say, we are polish girls and we love the hearty,polish cuisine.

After getting a snack, we usually took a rental bike or went for a long walk in the large forests, that are extending along the coast and we would collect the most delicious rasberrys of my life. They simply tasted like pure, wild, sweet nature. 

A few times we had a look at the vegetable markets with local and seasonal food, to get a reminder how actual, real food tastes, that grows how its supposed to grow. Yes i know, it seems that its all about food... well mostly it was. It was simply too delicious.

The nights out were always something special, because the towns liveband was playing oldies and infecting the other, mostly older guests to become nostalgic and sing with true passion along to the songs. Here and there i could see a tear in the corner of an eye.

After some beer, I even found myself one night on the stage singing from the bottom of my heart.

Also my heart beats for polish nostalgia. And the next morning also my head.

These ten days were all about relaxing, eating, drinking and letting the soul rest, forgetting about daily problems.

I couldnt imagine a better place for this.