Surfing in Italy's Apulia

 Living in Apulia has many perks. And lets leave the local food, the beautiful, pastelcoloured scenery and the amazing weather aside. Apulia is perfect for outdoorsports. Rocky landscapes and coasts, mountains and forrests, sandy or rocky beaches on two different seas. This region allows you to follow every sport your heart desires.


Even the Surfsport.

Of course, Apulia is known for its hot, perfect weather, ideal to chill on the beach with a drink in your hand. But there are also windy times, the times where great waves are hitting the coast, inviting you to catch a good ride.


There is always the guy that knows the weatherforecast and calls all of us at 10 pm.

At 5 am we would hit the road, sometimes a 2 hours, sometimes a half an hour ride .

It doesnt matter, we go.

And when we arrive, half asleep, we put the wetsuit on and jump into the refreshing water. Suddenly we are awake, full of adrenaline and on the peak of energy.

We catch one wave, the next one and the next one. We are no pro's, but we love it.


And after exhausting hours in paradise, we would sit on the beach, watch the sea and smile. On the way back we buy a focaccia, drink a coffee and spend a summerevening with friends on the countryside, talking about who caught the best wave of the day.