Tuscan Roadtrip

Taking a Roadtrip through Tuscany was only a question of time. Now that I live in Italy, I needed to make this dream come true.

So we took the car and started driving, no plans, no organization. You feel that you have arrived in this beautiful region, when you see the hills and the green highlights of  pines and cypress shaping the landscape and add beauty to the scenery. With the windows wide open we drove through the countryside, letting the breeze devastate our hair and put a smile on our faces. A map of Tuscany on the lap, we stopped in every spot that sounded romantic to us. That is how we ended up in Saturnia, spending a day in the naturally shaped bathtubs, filled with hot, sulphured water. I promise after a while you dont realize the smell of sulphur anymore, just dont forget your swimwear on the backseat.


As we had just a few days, we decided to visit only one of the many beautiful, tuscan cities, Siena. Already the name of this city gives me the feeling of elegance and history. Siena left a huge impression on me with its grace and mysticism. High medieval buildings on your left and right side, while you are getting lost in the long and branchy streets. From time to time we escaped in pretty cafes, ancient bookshops or sneaked into the mysterious backyards of old buildings, to avoid the burning sun for a moment. After a while we found Piazza del Campo, where two times a year the citizens of the 17 different districts of Siena compete in the famous horseraces since medieval times. Always a big spectacle that we unfortunately missed.


After spending a day in the city, it was important for us to spend the night back on the countryside. So we chose one of the plenty Agriturismo places, that invite you with cozy signs all along the country road. Of course you dont know what you get and how much it will cost you or if there is an available place or if the landlords are creepy, but that was part of the fun. And we were incredibly lucky, we got a whole 100 m² apartment all for ourselves with a view on the fields from every single window. As we luckily had a spare bottle of wine in the trunk, we enjoyed the most impressive sunset and a glass of wine on our balcony.

We couldnt be happier.